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There's little to tell, on my mode to see wedding photography. I let my photos speak for me. I dedicate to photography every minute of my time. I love wedding photography, because transmit me great emotions, and always gives me new reasons to continue, following the couples who decide to give to me such a great responsibility, for their special day. I spend a lot of energies in my professional training and qualification, to offer every season that passes, a job even better and specific. I shoot without posing; the "filmmaker" of your wedding is you, I simply follow events, and to record everything, without interfering. The result? A simple and natural way for seeing the wedding, without forcing you to unnatural poses, moments of detachment from the conviviality of the banquet, dead times, which maybe ruin unique moments. Of course i'm available to take classic photos, but always with "natural" spirit that characterizes the way I work. I'm associated for 2018 with some important international Wedding Associations, and with Afip, Italian Association of professional photographers. If you like my pictures, contact me! A custom quotation does not cost anything.
If you want to benefit of my services, I am ready to give emotions and memories. But don't ask me anything, unless you saw my photos, and recognize yourself in my way of seeing the world.
About forty years from now, your grandchildren will open the photoalbum, and like magic, will be catapulted into the past. And this thing is priceless. I will give you the emotions that I capture ... 'Cause you will donate them to me, unrepeatables, in your most beautiful important day.